Installation view  

Before the clutter

The clutter prevented these events

Project proposal  

Inventory of furniture  

Before and after installation  

(Con)temporary Storage
Furniture from the Men's Center

(Con)temporary Storage was a site specific installation for the exhibition Re:location, a Super Pride Studio Project at the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, MD. The exhibition showcased the work of the students who participated in Super Pride Studio, an 18 month long socially engaged studio art course started by Michael Rakowitz at the Maryland Institute College of Art. In collaboration with the Men’s Center, a nonprofit in East Baltimore, the class challenged students to address social, environmental, and political issues in the distressed community of East Baltimore.

Through this piece, the museum became an extension of the Men's Center. When the studio began, The Men's Center was so cluttered with donated furniture and appliances that many of its offices and classrooms were practically useless. By transferring these items to the museum, the project recreated the cluttered environment of the Center, alluded to issues of gentrification in East Baltimore, and most importantly, allowed the staff at the Men's Center to begin to organize and reclaim previously under-used spaces. At the end of the show, the furniture was given away.